Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Roxane's XL Carolina Window Boxes

Roxane in Wisconsin is one of our favorite customers. She send us pictures and emails with each new season. I hope you enjoy Roxane's window box pictures as much as we do.

Customer Comments:

1st Email - Here are the pictures I promised you! I have really enjoyed your small town friendliness in the big city of San Diego . I have really enjoyed doing business with you!

Roxane - Wisconsin

2nd Email - How have you been?? I'm sending you some pictures of my window boxes from last summer. As you can see, my flowers grow quite well in my XL Carolina boxes. The pictures are taken earlier in the summer then I took some later to show the growth. Lots of room in my window boxes.....with plants that large on top they also have quite a root developement underneath. The depth of my window boxes contributes to such a beautiful display.I also included some bonus pictures of my rain chains. We received soooo much snow in the past 4 weeks and now the weather has started to warm up. As the snow melts off the roof it runs down the copper cups and as it cools off it freezes. Since SD doesn't get snow I thought you would enjoy seeing a beautiful display of nature!!

Take Care and Keep in touch,Roxane

ps. feel free to use my pictures on your website....I also will need 4 more XL Carolina boxes but not until the end of May.

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Anonymous said...

Great looking window box. What type of flowers are these?